Carrie Valentine

Carrie Valentine’s Tlingit name is Kah geelth Kaak and is a Raven from the Frog House.  She was born in Haines, Alaska and is now a third generation of weavers.
Carrie’s quest for Northwest Native Art started when she was a child, watching her grandmother weave, bead and make baskets.  It was only natural to want to become a weaver, herself.  Always an admirer of her grandmother, Carrie gained a passion for her Tlingit heritage.
With the help of Klukwan’s Outreach Coordinator, Lani Hotch she has received an endorsement in Northwest Coast Art through the University of Alaska, Southeast.
Carrie has learned the art of Basketry, Ravenstail Weaving, Skin Sewing and Northwest Coast Art Design.
She works in the library in the village of Klukwan and lives in Haines, with her husband Dennis and son, Zane. Carrie is currently working on a Ravenstail blanket in Klukwan, called the “Harvest”, which is a community project with other weavers.

Working on the Harvest Robe





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